Meet our Elders

Dan Westra - Council President

Chris Hocking - Council Vice President/Elder President

Doug DeYoung - Records Clerk

Richard Hoolsema- Shepherding Elder

Steve Makowski - Shepherding Elder


The Rule of a Deacon at DCF:

To represent and administer the mercy of Christ to all people, especially to those who belong to the community of believers, and to stimulate the members of Christ’s church to faithful, obedient stewardship of their resources on behalf of the needy – all with words of encouragement and testimony which assure the unity of word and deed.

Meet our Deacons

Bob DeRoo - Chairperson

Johanna Cameron - Assistant Chairperson/Preschool Liason

Matt Brown - Clerk

John Hartshorn - AAFC and DCO Liason

Wayne Michalak - CAP Liason

Kayrl Reynoso- Giving Records Clerk

Stephanie Sukaria - Assistant Treasurer