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Praying Hands

Praying for our Church Family

Church Family Prayer

  • An end to the Russian – Ukrainian conflict soon

  • Kathy Toupin –  Kathy needs more strength to be able to come to church. 

  • Ann Triemstra – Pray that God gives her health and strength to be able to come to church. 

  • Mckayla Hocking – Pray for continued positive progress in regards to her headaches. Pray for reduced pain, a good treatment plan.

  • Lynnette Paddock – living with her sister now due to Parkinson’s

  • Jeanne Prisco - recurring dizziness and numbness in her legs.  Pray she recovers and can come back to worship.

  • Peggy Scott – getting chemo treatments for cancer.  Pray for effective results and complete recovery.

  • Aaron (no last name given) – lung cancer.

  • Mary Dykman – Has COVID. Sister Julia getting treatments for cancer. Julia and Joe have COVID.  Joe back in hospital – fractured right femur.  He is stable after surgery

  • Dylan – Clinical depression which is quite severe.

  • Rose – pray that a mass found in her pelvis is benign.

  • Ejakov Family - Please pray for the Ejakov family as they grieve the loss of Misha's mom.

  • Dwight Smith - pray for Dwight as he works with doctors in the next couple weeks. Lymphoma has been found in his thyroid and will likely begin chemo again. Please pray for peace for Susan and Dwight as they navigate these next steps.

  • Stuart Dunlap - Please be in prayer for the family of Stuart Dunlap. Stuart passed away last week. Memorial service arrangements are in the process of being made.

  • Chrissy – friend of Kristy Bock who has breast cancer

  • Ann Bourke – parents recovering from Covid. Pray for unity as they determine next steps in their care. Mom is in care facility.  Dad still in the hospital.

  • The Thompsons – baby Jude born on Wed. Sept. 13

  • Deb’s brother Carl – triple bypass surgery went well.  Pray for complete recovery

  • Kalil – battling Pancreatic cancer.  Pray the treatments are effective

  • Lorraine – eye surgery Oct. 4

  • Shelby Rush – long-term stomach nausea that doesn’t seem to be responding to treatments.  Pray for a breakthrough for her.

  • Luke Dorenzo – broken arm.  Had surgery on Friday Sept. 29.  Pray for successful surgery and quick recovery.

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