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Praying Hands

Praying for our Church Family

Church Family Prayer

  • An end to the Russian – Ukrainian conflict soon

  • Peace in Israel

  • Severe flooding in Southern Brazil. Pray for the people who have lost their towns, homes and loved ones because of the floods.

  • Landslides in Papua, New Guinea – many people have died and many more are missing. Pray that this will be an opportunity for the Gospel.

  • Anne Triemstra – Pray that God gives her health and strength to be able to come to church.

  • Mckayla Hocking – Pray for continued positive progress in regard to her headaches. Pray for reduced pain, a good treatment plan.

  • Lynnette Paddock – living with her sister now due to Parkinson’s.

  • Jeanne Prisco – has been experiencing dizziness and balance issues.  Pray she recovers and can come back to worship.

  • Aaron (no last name given) – lung cancer. Has shown signs of improvement. Pray for continued successful treatments.

  • Mary Dykman – Sister Julia getting treatments for cancer. 

  • Kalil – battling pancreatic cancer.  Pray the treatments are effective. 

  • Shelby Rush – long-term stomach nausea that doesn’t seem to be responding to treatments.  Pray for a breakthrough for her.

  • Dwight Smith – new immune therapy treatments are proceeding well.  Pray for complete healing.

  • Steve Makowski – started his new treatments. Pray they will be very effective and prolong his life.

  • Katherine Losey – sister-in-law of Robyn Bonser – has Liver cancer.  Pray for effective treatments. The doctors are giving good progress reports - PTL

  • Kristy Bock - Epilepsy with focal seizures. Pray that it can be controlled with medication.

  • Nathan Morang – Severe Crohn's disease. Severe medical issues. His wife (Jessica) has breast cancer. Pray for healing, doctors to find treatment and for his faith to remain strong.

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