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Small Groups 

Small groups are intentional groups of people who meet regularly to support and encourage growth in their faith journey. These gatherings of 6 -12 people provide the ideal format for fulfilling the biblical "one anothers" - love one another, pray for one another, bear one another's burden. We see the small group ministry as vital to the health of individual believers and the church as a whole.


When and Where Do Small Groups Meet?

They gather once or twice a month for friendship, support, prayer, Bible study, and service. Ordinarily, small groups meet in the homes of our members on various nights of the week.

Small Groups are a priority at DCF because they:

  • Stimulate Spiritual Growth

  • Provide Support and Encouragement

  • Decentralize Care-Giving within the Church

  • Remind Us that Church is People, Not a Building

  • Supply a Regular Forum for Prayer

  • Assimilate Newcomers into the Body Life of the Church



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