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What to know about Sunday services

*Changes to our policy as of January 15, 2021

Dear DCF Family,                                                                                                                                     January 15, 2021

“Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart” Hebrews 12:3 (NIV).

My friends, considers these words from the book of Hebrews as they very much apply to the situation we find ourselves in at the beginning of 2021.  Anyone feel weary?  Anyone simply tired of the circumstances we find ourselves in?  Any tempted to throw in the towel…on work, on friends, on church, on God?  I know I have found myself discouraged and frustrated numerous times over the past ten months, as I am sure you have as well.  And yet God calls us in those moments, to take our eyes off ourselves and our circumstances and to place them somewhere else.  Where?  On Christ!  The prior verse tells us to “look to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith,” as He shows us what it looks like to endure hard and difficult times.  Certainly, our conditions cannot compare to His, yet our temptation is to grow weary and lose heart and throw in the towel.  Let me encourage you if that is where you find yourself today, to look away from yourself and towards the cross of Christ and keep running with endurance the race set before you.  God is not done working on our lives, and these are the circumstances in which He does His best work.   

Back in November, as positive COVID cases were increasing exponentially and the Department of Health & Human Services put in place their three-week-pause on many facets of our society, we tightened up our restrictions by asking everyone to keep their masks on the entire time they were in the building.   The COVID Committee has been monitoring the number of cases that have since been confirmed in Michigan and specifically, Wayne County, over the past several weeks to determine if and when we would go back to our original polices that we have had in place since July.  We give God praise that the number of cases has continued to drop rapidly since December 1, and have now returned to levels they were at, prior to when the adjustments were made.  In addition, we have seen the Governor remove many of the temporary restrictions, allowing and encouraging schools to return to in-person learning, allowing some sports, and other businesses to resume.  Further, the vaccine has now been released and made available to many frontline workers, and those over the age of 65, which includes many of those considered to be high-risk.      

Therefore, the COVID Committee recommended and the Executive Committee of the Council approved the following motion: beginning Sunday, January 17, DCF will return to our previous policies whereby all individuals, 3 years and older, are asked to wear a mask into and out of the building until seated 6 ft. apart by ushers, and then have the option to remove their masks if desired.  All children’s ministry students and leaders will keep masks on during those ministries.  All congregants are asked to leave the building after dismissed by ushers and welcome to fellowship outside of the building.  I want to stress that while this policy makes masks optional once seated in the Sanctuary, you are more than welcome to keep a mask on the entire service.  May we show love and grace to one another as each of our situations is unique. 

I also want to take this opportunity to ask everyone to please take the role of the ushers seriously, and to wait for them to seat you to ensure proper distancing.  We feel good about this policy, provided all of the policy is properly executed and distancing is critical to that effort.  Please wait for an usher to seat you when you get to the Sanctuary doors and don’t change seats once seated.  As always, if you have questions, feel free to call myself, Pastor Mike, or Justin and we will be happy to discuss these changes with you.

In Christ, 

Pastor Brad    


  • Before coming to church

    • Know your expectations: church services will not look or feel like they have in the past.

    • Respect others

    • Prepare your heart to worship

    • To adhere to the most recent executive order, we will be accommodating 25% of the sanctuary and other spaces. 

    • To adhere to CDC’s social distancing recommendations, we will be limiting seating for our Sunday worship services. Congregants will be seated in every other pew and spacing 6 ft. apart. Because of this, we will have overflow seating set up in addition to the sanctuary.

    • For the first couple of weeks of services resuming in the building, we will still be recording the service ahead of time and watching it together. This is designed to allow the staff & COVID Committee to evaluate the many procedures and precautions we have put into place without having all the elements of leading a worship service placed on top of us.  Once we feel good about how everything is running, and our technology infrastructure is in place to live-stream, we will move to live services. 

    • Church services will remain available for watching at home if you are unable to come, do not feel ready to return to the church building, or are high risk.

    • To better accommodate new protocols, we strongly encourage you to come early. Please be patient as we all learn what the new “normal” looks like

    • We ask all to be mindful of CDC’s recommendations (see attached document).

    • If you are not feeling well in any way, we ask that you stay home and join us online.

    • For everyone’s safety, we are asking that you only utilize the church building for worship services. All other rooms will be closed. In an effort to create a safe working environment for the staff, please refrain from entering the building during the week.


  • When you arrive

    • You can expect to be welcomed with a friendly wave by are greeters

    • For everyone’s safety, each person attending a service at DCF will have their temperature taken prior to entering the building. (Non-contact thermometers will be used. If someone has a fever of 100 degrees, they will be asked to not attend the service that day.)

    • All congregants three years of age and older, must wear a face covering (both nose and mouth) while in the building.

    • Congregants will be ushered to a specific seat in order to fit our capacity and properly social distance. Family units will be seated together. (If you have any specific needs, please contact the church in advance or notify an usher)

    • Church mailboxes will not be available for use at this time.

    • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building.


  • During worship

    • Children are welcome to sit with their parents during the worship services. Nursery and children’s programs will not be meeting at this time (seriously, noise is not a problem).

    • Pens have been removed from pews. You are encouraged to bring your own pen.

    • Church bathrooms will be available for use. Church bathrooms will be cleaned before and after services.

    • The drinking fountains will not be available for use. We encourage you to bring water.

    • We will be participating in corporate singing though initially; the number of songs will be less.


  • After worship

    • At the conclusion of the worship service, congregants will be ushered out by rows. Face coverings need to be worn while exiting the building. 

    • Coffee and snacks will not be served at this time.

    • We ask that all congregants exit the building. Fellowship is more the welcomed outside of the building.



    • Bible

    • Mask

    • coffee and/or water

    • pen or pencil

    • Notes/kids bulletins (available at church as well)

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