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The Heart of Christmas

The Father sent Jesus

His living invitation

Accept His invitation to Come

Jesus asked the Father

to send the Holy Spirit

who empowers us to tell others.

The Father sent Jesus to us. He knows our need. He was seeking our fellowship ever since He created us. Jesus is His living invitation.

Three trees help us remember the whole story

The first tree was in the Garden of Eden reminds us of our sin,

The second tree was the Cross where Jesus paid for our sin, and

The third tree is the Tree of Life mentioned in Revelation

We can share this invitation with our family as we are around our Christmas tree

The journey the wise men of today take is not from Babylon to Bethlehem

It’s from the head to the heart.

Accept His living invitation to Come to Him

Our “yes” to this invitation is a victory over sin and death and the promise of True Life.

Thank you Father for creating us, seeing our need and providing for us. May this year be filled with fresh wonder and new revelations of who You are and who we are in You and may that cause us to share with others in love, word and deed about this amazing gift you have given; The gift that lasts forever. May we walk by the Spirit listening and obeying as you guide us through our day, through our life, as we look back we will see how you directed our path.

It takes time to grow an oak tree but to grow it must be planted. May we know that our words of invitation are a planting of a seed and may these words of this living invitation take root downward and bear fruit upwards. And may the Lord produce a crop of righteousness as we invite others into this Life you want for all of us.

The Heart of Christmas is saying yes to His invitation, growing in our relationship with God and passing it on.

Merry Christmas!

In Him,


Kim is married to her loving husband, Steve Beane, who is a Jr. Cadets leader at DCF. They’ve been faithful members since 2010. She’s pictured here with their two wonderful twin boys who are active in Jr. Cadets and other children's ministries. If her message touched your heart or encouraged you, let her know when you see her, or send Kim a note at

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