These are faith stories and messages of encouragement from people at DCF. It's a humble and real way to share God's love with one another, and for us to connect as sisters and brothers. 

Meet Gerda

Gerda (Bosscher) Walcott was born February 16, 1921 in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Peter and Hendrika Bosscher, Gerda will be 96 on Thursday, February 16, 2017. Gerda was her parent's first born child, followed by her brother James and her sister Helen. Both are still living. One of Gerda's grandfathers lived to the age of 96, so she can attribute a part of her long life to good genes! Her mother immigrated to the United States from Holland in the early 1900's. While attending a Christian High School in Grand Rapids, Gerda met her future husband, Albert Walcott. Albert was born March 8, 1918 and died March 16, 1980. They were married on Monday, July 13, 1942 in the chapel at Calvin Seminary, a

Bold IN Faith: 
Share Your Story + Art 

God has written stories upon your heart and into your life. He's rescued and redeemed you, restored and renewed you with His goodness and love. He's inspired you to create art in all forms - to heal, to inspire, to draw you closer. What will you do with these stories? What will you do with this art? 

What if - you shared your testimony, God sighting, or art?


We can't wait to see and hear how God has worked in and through you. Big or small, funny or heartbreaking - He uses it all. Every story and creation is His - let's return glory to Him by sharing what He has done in our lives. And remember - you can inspire someone to be newly inspired by God. 

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