These are faith stories and messages of encouragement from people at DCF. It's a humble and real way to share God's love with one another, and for us to connect as sisters and brothers. 

What Must Come First

I don’t think I can remember a time when I wasn’t a Christian. My father is a minister at a church in Wayne, so I have been in the church my entire life. When you grow up as a pastor’s kid, you usually turn out one of two ways: either you rebel and reject God completely, or you make being a good pastor’s kid part of your identity. Growing up, I thought that because I wasn’t the first kind of pastor’s kid, I must be the second. I knew a lot about the Bible and how it applied to daily living, but that is where my relationship with God ended. I had never really thought that maybe I was just operating on autopilot, using my knowledge and standing in the church to convince myself that I was follo

Bold IN Faith: 
Share Your Story + Art 

God has written stories upon your heart and into your life. He's rescued and redeemed you, restored and renewed you with His goodness and love. He's inspired you to create art in all forms - to heal, to inspire, to draw you closer. What will you do with these stories? What will you do with this art? 

What if - you shared your testimony, God sighting, or art?


We can't wait to see and hear how God has worked in and through you. Big or small, funny or heartbreaking - He uses it all. Every story and creation is His - let's return glory to Him by sharing what He has done in our lives. And remember - you can inspire someone to be newly inspired by God. 

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